Short term car rental

daily weekly and monthly rent are available, including service to pick-up and drop-off staff between offices.

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Fleet management needs cooperation and data from many departments concerned e.g. finance, accounting, Admin.

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Annual Tax Renewal

Our services also include car registration, annual tax renewal and search for insurance conditions.

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Replacenent Car

Service for car rent and leasing firms who do not need to invest in replacement cars and reserve parking space.

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Welcome to Carpool Services

Services from more than 30 years professional and experienced team in the industry, both local and international organizations.
Founded: August 29,2007
Registered and paid-up Capital: Baht 5.0 million

Carpool Services Founder

Kevin walsh

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More business opportunities

Opportunities for business expansion by exploring the automobile hire purchase and maintenance businesses

Professional service and team

An experienced and reliable team with over 30 years of experience in the car rental business.

Attentive to the best service.

Allow time to focus on the functions in your core business to meet your needs.

Cost controlled

Costs for your business are important. We care about this point with the cost of managed services that can be controlled.

24 hour support service

Receive various matters relating to car service or from customers who help coordinate services.

Care Your Car

For general customers who need assistance in handling car-related matters, we are pleased.

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